Bear – April 2014

Bear happy ending pet adoptionBear pet adoption successMy name is Bear and my mom adopted me when I was only 8 weeks old from the shelter. I was a tiny little guy and she fell in love with me.. Well I am almost 2 years old now and boy have I grown! I am almost 200 lbs and my mom keeps telling me I am a BIG St Bernard dog, but I am sure I am a lap dog!! My mom takes me on long walks and I get to play in the river.. I love car rides, and the bed and couch .. Oh and can’t forget anything on the counter that I can reach is mine too. I like to pull stuff of the counter if my mom doesn’t let me go with her, I don’t chew it up, just set everything on the floor. Then when she comes home I smile at her because I know she can’t get mad at me when I do that!! My mom says I am the best dog ever and she loves me very much!! I am very spoiled. I love all the grandkids that come to play with me. I have a best friend that I love to run with; Oh, and I love cats! Even tho the one cat I am a bit afraid of.. For some reason he doesn’t want to play with me! I Love the snow too!! I have a wonderful home and my family loves me so much!!!!

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