Diva and Buddha – February 2015

Shelby and Buddha happy petsWe wanted to give an update on Devi – formerly Shelby – since we haven’t communicated with you yet. I’m sorry it took so long!

Shelby and Buddha adopted dogsWe are extremely grateful for Devi. She came in to our lives after we lost our dog of 10+ years and has enriched our lives so much. She is such a loving, intelligent, sweet pup. We love her SO much. She’s doing great! She got her jaw wire out about a week and a half ago and is such a happier, healthier dog now. She and Buddha are still attached at… the hip and they do EVERYTHING together. They are the best of friends.

She is currently enrolled in a basic obedience class and is top of her class. We are very excited to do agility with her.

Thank you for bringing Devi in to our lives. She has been such a joy for us and once we fix a few kinks – she will be the perfect pup! The future is very exciting for our family.

Shelby and Buddha are happily adopted dogsBuddha is also doing amazingly. He loves having a big sister and has made the transition so much better by showing her the ropes. He continues to practice his agility and is about to start a Calm Under Pressure class. He will also be starting his quest for a bachelor’s degree in the C.L.A.S.S. program this spring. He’s such a happy boy and can’t wait for the spring to do some major backpacking (his favorite!), so he can show Devi all of his favorite places.

We will be sure to update you in the near future. Thank you again for all you do!

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