Jasper – Microchips Work!

Jasper's microchip workedJasper, a purebred hunting dog, was lost or stolen from his home in the Polson area, and after months of searching his distraught owner had given up hope. Five months later a stray black lab turned up at the BRHA. Following standard procedures the dog was scanned for a microchip, and BINGO – he had one. The BRHA was able to get a serial number from the chip, and after one quick phone call they had the name and phone number of the owner.

One would think that another quick phone call would end this story, but there was a slight delay. When Jasper’s owner was informed that his dog had been found, he was so excited that he forgot who had called him and went to the Polson Animal Shelter to collect his dog. No luck there, so he went home to try to figure out who had his dog. The BRHA staff followed up a couple days later and this time all the information stuck. Within hours a very excited Jasper and owner were reunited.

This story has a happy ending because of pet identification. Jasper would probably not have made his way home without his microchip. IDENTIFY YOUR PETS. The BRHA can help.

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