Mic (was Waco) 2017

Success WacoHi, it’s Cheri from The American Chesapeake Club.
Just wanted you to know that Waco is doing great! He spent five weeks with nick. Nick Is a trainer and was great for him. He has two young children himself and on the third day took him in to his hometown let him live wit his family. Kids ages two and seven. From the beginning Waco was fantastic with them. Gentle and loving. We felt totally secure to let him be adopted! Not one aggressive move ever showed! Like true Chessies he talks.
Now Waco is name Mic. He is living in Colorado. Has a border collie as a playmate and a fox terrier to cuddle with. Mic and the border work the cattle As partners!!! Mic alerts and the border herds!
L. is thrilled with her new furrbaby and forever family member.
Thank you for your help.

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