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Domestic Short Hair, Grey / Black Tabby, Female Spayed, 3 yrs

Tali has an adorable face and loves chin rubs.  She does not like dogs, or many other animals.  She does find a liking in teens and adults; uses a scratch post and will play fetch with balls of paper!  Tali is a happy indoor cat.



Norwegian Forest Cat Mix, Black Grey with White, Female / Spayed, 2 yrs

Sleep, eat, play…. Honey does just that.  She won the heart of a little volunteer girl.  Did not display her typical shyness, came off her shelf and instantly wanted to be petted all over. Towards adults, Honey takes a minute to adjust but has shown lots of affection in the home.



Domestic Short Hair, Black, Female/Spayed, 5 yrs

Morgen presents herself one way and yet in a home displays herself in another way…  This girl likes attention and enjoys being petted, but also likes her quiet time.  In the home she liked to play rough, and had assertive behavior towards cats and other dogs.   Did ignore and avoid the kids.  She was an indoor only cat, prefers sleeping and bird watching.



California Spangled MIX, Tan/Grey Tabby, Female Spayed, 2 yrs

Stray: Fairgrounds Rd

Irises bloom in the spring and are one of the easiest flowers to grow.  Iris the cat is a breath of fresh air and is very easy to get along with.  This girl is pretty, sweet, and friendly, but not too demanding.  What a wonderful companion she would be for a special person who would like to share a home with Iris and help her to bloom.

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Ocicat Mix, Black/Gray, Female Spayed, 6 mos

Stray: One Horse Creek, Florence

Asali markings are as striking as her beautiful personality.  She may be a little shy at first meeting, but she quickly warms up to pets and rewards you with rubs and purrs.



Norwegian Forest Mix, Tabby, Female / Spayed, 7 yrs

Stray: Grantsdale – in August 2018

Looks like a lion with a temperament of a little lamb.  Dempsy showed up at the finders house in August, and later finding out the owner had passed away.  Now she hangs out on the shelves and waits for her pets.  We do not have much information on Dempsy but I bet she would be real gem in a home.



Domestic Short Hair, Black, Female Spayed, Adult

Stray: Sapphire Ranch Trail – Corvallis

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Domestic Short Hair, Buff, Female / Spayed, 6 yrs

Stray: Indian Prairie Loop, Victor

Chillin’ Chyna is friendly to people and the other cats.  She has spent some time around little dogs and did well.  Chyna likes to take in surroundings from the comfort of the great indoors on the cat stairs in her cool, laid-back way.



Domestic Short Hair, Tabby, Female / Spayed, 6 yrs

“Fun-sized” Sara is very social toward people and some cats, but she doesn’t like all the cats in her room at BRHA.  She is fearful of dogs and has shown marking behavior towards the dog.  She is inquisitive and would love to assist her human with household tasks.



Domestic Short Hair, Calico,. Female / Spayed, 4 yrs

Stray: Cooper Lane, Hamilton

Dot may be timid at first (she is showing her watchful eye here),  she does well around other  cat-friendly cats; she is not fond of dogs.  Patient owner encouraged, Dot sure does love her neck to her tail petted!



Bombay Mix, Black, Female Spayed, 2 yrs

Stray – Stonegate Area in Hamilton

Very shy as you see in her photo, most timid ones do well with the right home.  A quiet
atmosphere, slow interaction, treats and play.



Bombay X, Black, Male Neutered, 2.5 yrs

Snape is purrrfect for someone who is looking for an indoor cat; does well with low-energy dogs, and people who love giving extra attention!  According to his previous owner, he will sit on command and knows his name – JUST AMAZING!  Quite the talker, cuddly and can be overzealous with affection.