Domestic Short Hair, Buff, Male Neutered, Adult

Stray: Honey House, Corvallis

Wildon is handsome cat who seems to be brimming with confidence. He’s friendly to people but not pushy when asking for attention.



Domestic Short Hair, Dilute Calico, Female Spayed, Adult

Stray: Middle Bear Creek, Victor

We do not have all the information complete yet for
this animal but please contact us to inquire.

406-363-5311 or BRHAfront@bitterroothumane.org



Maine Coon X, Dilute Calico, Female Spayed, 2 years


All though we do not have a lot of information about Alanis, we have noticed that she is very friendly to people and doesn’t appear to mind other cats.



Maine Coon X, Grey, Female Spayed, 2 years

Stray: Cougar Lane, Corvallis

Bridget has had a little haircut around her pretty face, but that doesn’t detract from her beautiful eyes and congenial personality. She would love to have you tell her about your day while you brush her lovely, long coat.



Scottish Short Hair, Black / White, Male Neutered, 7 years

Oscar is a lover.  He likes to head bump with you, and craves the attention he deserves.  He seems alright with the other cats, but he prefers to stay on higher ground and watch the activity below . . . until his person walks in.  Then he’s asking for pets and his purr motor starts up.



Bombay Mix, Black, Female Spayed, 2 yrs

Stray – Stonegate Area in Hamilton

Very shy as you see in her photo, most timid ones do well with the right home.  A quiet
atmosphere, slow interaction, treats and play.



Domestic Short Hair, Black Tabby, Female Spayed, 8 mos

Callista is a sister to Conlan, and she takes on a lot of the similarities, Shy and will hide.  No interest in treats or play.  It is hard to determine life in a home with a young cat that is timid but find it in your heart to try.



Domestic Short Hair, Black Tabby, Male Neutered, 8 mos

Shy and will run and hide from the outside world.  Conlan hasn’t had interest in treats or play, may you try him in your quiet home and hope then he will gain the confidence.



Long Hair, Orange / White, Male Neutered,  Adult

Friendly, confident cat who seems to be relaxed in his new surroundings. Merser likes attention and pets, but is content to just hang out and be a good companion. He would benefit from a some good brushing so his long orange coat and lion’s mane complement this handsome guy’s wonderful personality.



Short Hair, Grey Black Tabby, Male Neutered,  7 mos,

Stray: Bass Creek, Corvallis

At first the human touch makes Arrow want to run, but bring out a rope toy!  With toy interaction he plays and does not try to run if you gently pet him.  If you have 15 minutes to spend a day with Arrow he would adjust quickly in the home.  He also does well with other cats.



Siamese X, Black & White, Female Spayed, 2 yrs

Oreo is beautiful with a silky soft coat. She is so sweet, alert and very inquisitive. Oreo is a lover and does not mind other cats. She would be a wonderful addition to your family.



Domestic Medium Hair,  white/black,  Male neutered,  6 yrs.
I am a chill guy, I have stunning green eyes and a soft fluffy coat.  Soft meow, a little wary of new adventures but very friendly disposition!