Adopt OliverAm.,  brown tabby with white,  M/N,  11 yrs.  
OWNER TURN IN: Oliver is a senior cat that was turned in because the owner had passed away and the family members did not want to keep him. He is a quiet talker, friendly and playful! Rode in the car without a crate, lived with a dog and enjoyed the life. Sounds like a very easy tame kitty to contend with…


Adopt ZekeAm. Short Hair,  white/grey tabby,  M/N,  3 Yr  
OWNER TURN IN: Zeke likes to keep your bathroom clean – he will even clean the hair out of the drain… GROSS. Good motivator… He has a history of straying away from home for long periods of time so maybe a strict indoor life with leashed walks. He does’t mind the company of a dog but he could live without cats. Not as quite outgoing at the shelter but in time, begin to confidently show his true self.


Adopt SnugglesAm. Short Hair,  black/brown tabby,  F/S, 5 yrs.  
STRAY: Victor
Snuggles reaches for you to hold her, been around all type of humans, friendly around cats and dogs… She’d rather be getting hugs from her human than spending time with the other hissy cats. Snuggles likes to play with legos, eat and eat… and be lazy.


Adopt CalliDomestic Long Hair,  dilute calico,  F/S,  10 yrs.  
OWNER TURN IN: Very friendly, walks around the room with you and waits for her pets. Callie is a senior who is doing well here, she doesn’t seem upset being around the other cats, she likes a scratch post, eats, drinks and is merry! This long haired beauty needs a lap to relax on!


Adopt BuddySiamese,  grey/lilac point,  Male neutered,  8 yrs.  
OWNER TURN IN: Buddy has nice coloring, calm blue eyes. Lots of toes! We found out he was declawed as an adult and was told has marking behavior problems (not shown at the shelter). Big, handsome boy who we hope gets more comfortable so that we can get to know him better!


Adopt CorazonAmerican Short Hair,  dilute torti,  F/S,  9 yrs.  
ABANDONED: front door of BRHA
I don’t understand the motive but Corazon was left on our front doorway a bit ago… She is an attention seeker, devoted to following you… She enjoys the feather sticks to play with… apprehensive at first but curious and seems like a real gem of a kitty.

Hobson & Shelby

Domestic Short Hair,  black,  1 Male, 1 Female  8Mo  
STRAY: Willow Creek Rd, Corvallis
Been here since 3 months old, handled but doesn’t like to be carried around. Sometimes a quiet atmosphere and lots of play… even a second kitten along with, may help personality blossom!Adopt Hobson


Adopt StardustDomestic Long Hair,  dilute torti,  F/S,  2 Yr  
STRAY: Sawdust Trail, Hamilton
Her name is the opposite of how she feels, Stardust is not pleasant. Will allow petting but is very stiff, with large eyes, ears back and not happy. Will need routine, less activity and maybe another cat to spend time with.


Adopt YaraDomestic Medium Hair,  calico,  F/S,  2 Yr  
ABANDONED: Chief Joseph Camp Rd – Victor
With all those younger cats that came in, I believe we have the mother! Skinny but will gain weight with time, very talkative, friendly and needs a long nap after having all those babies! Adopt Yara!


Adopt TequilaShort Hair,  dilute calico,  F/S,  10 mo  
ABANDONED: Chief Joseph Camp Rd – Victor
A lot of kittens came to us: and each one has a somewhat different personality. They are different in the home of course; Tequila is one that likes to be petted and will continue to ask for it but doesn’t jump at the chance when you come into the room. She enjoys her cat naps and will keep to herself. In a home, like most, would blossom.


Adopt SangriaShort Hair,  dilute calico,  F/S,  10 Mo  
ABANDONED: Chief Joseph Camp Rd – Victor
A lot of kittens came to us: but each one has a somewhat different personality. They are different in the home of course; Sangria is talkative, likes attention, but doesn’t like to share space with the other cats.


Adopt ClaraAm. Short Hair,  brown tabby,  F/S,  9 Mo  
OWNER TURN IN: Clara would enjoy a home where she doesn’t have to share her toys or space… She adores petting until she gets overstimulated then she finds your skin to sink her teeth in, she is not a cat for kids. Clara yearns for attention, adventure and a clean litter box at all times!