Domestic Long Hair, Buff, Female Spayed, 8 yrs

Baby is a calm, sweet and very friendly senior gal who is still young at heart.  She isn’t looking her best right now because she had to have a haircut to remove some messy mats in her beautiful locks.  Once her fur grows out again, she will be a stunning lady.  Baby is looking for a patient homeowner, with a routine.  She is assertive towards cats and dogs, and will be seen eating scraps on the counter tops but will snuggle you to make up for the unwanted behavior.



Siamese, Seal PT, Male Neutered, 9 yrs, declawed

UPDATE: IN A FOSTER HOME! Started eating on his own, small amounts. Not drinking yet on own, but very loving.

We are looking for a foster or adopter for LB, he has spent most of his time in isolation being tube fed.  Blood work came back okay, he may just not eat when stressed or depressed.  (His owner was terminally ill and unable to care for him.)  LB has a great personality, and does not mind dogs or cats.

Call us at 406-363-5311 if you are willing to help LB!



Domestic Short Hair, Black, Male Neutered, 4 mos

AC likes to pounce on stringed toys, not only enjoys being pet but really entices you to keep on petting.  He is friendly towards the other kittens as well and of course owning a black cat means you are always in style!



Domestic Short Hair, Black Tabby, Female Spayed, 8 mos

Callista is a sister to Conlan, and she takes on a lot of the similarities, Shy and will hide.  No interest in treats or play.  It is hard to determine life in a home with a young cat that is timid but find it in your heart to try.



Domestic Short Hair, Black Tabby, Male Neutered, 8 mos

Shy and will run and hide from the outside world.  Conlan hasn’t had interest in treats or play, may you try him in your quiet home and hope then he will gain the confidence.



Long Hair, Orange / White, Male Neutered,  Adult

Friendly, confident cat who seems to be relaxed in his new surroundings. Merser likes attention and pets, but is content to just hang out and be a good companion. He would benefit from a some good brushing so his long orange coat and lion’s mane complement this handsome guy’s wonderful personality.



Short Hair, Grey Black Tabby, Male Neutered,  7 mos,

Stray: Bass Creek, Corvallis

At first the human touch makes Arrow want to run, but bring out a rope toy!  With toy interaction he plays and does not try to run if you gently pet him.  If you have 15 minutes to spend a day with Arrow he would adjust quickly in the home.  He also does well with other cats.



Domestic Long Hair,  Grey, Male Neutered, 7mos

What a huge boy Emoji will be when he is full grown.  He has not shown his personality.  He likes the window sill and sleeping.  He does not run away when approached but seems to recluse with a lot of interaction.  Emoji does not show himself here but could you help bring out his personality?



Domestic Long Hair, Orange, Male Neutered, 8 years

Stray:  Hadley Court, Stevensville

We do not have all the information complete yet for this
animal but please contact us to inquire.

406-363-5311 or



Domestic Short Hair, Black, Female Spayed, 2 yrs

Stray: Darby

Starlight may act wild here but she just might need a quiet home to excel in.  But if you are looking for an outdoor only kitty, Starlight has been living indoors all winter so she must go to a heated barn or shop!



Maine Coon Mix, Gray Tabby, Female Spayed, 2 yrs

Stray: Corvallis

Durga is quite timid, in a home with a routine she may come out more and require more attention but right now she does not strive for the attention she deserves.  She does well with other cats in her space.



American Short Hair, Orange & White, Male Neutered, 1.5 yrs

Jensen was here as a wee little kitten, he did not do well in his last 2 homes, the first one he did not like the roommate (human) and the second one he did not like his feline roommate.  Maybe Jensen wants someone all to himself, he does like to play, hunt and stalk. He loves cat gogurts, catnip and other treats!  Got a home purrrfect for this guy? Come see Jensen.