American Short Hair, Grey & White, Female Spayed, 1yrs

STRAY: Catherine Lane, Corvallis

Sage is a beautiful cat, she is very affectionate and does well with kittens.   A joyful, relaxed cat to sit on a windowsill sounds quite serene.



Domestic Long Hair, Black, Female Spayed, 7yrs

Stray: Lone Rock School – Stevensville

Aisling likes to be on your lap, or keyboard with face to face interaction.  She doesn’t mind the company of other dogs or cats.  Somewhat vocal and enjoys sticking her face in the humans food.



Domestic Short Hair, Black & White, Male Neutered, 2yrs

Tux can sometimes be found curled up in his safe hidey-hole, but he will come out and ask for pets when he sees a friendly face. He is a nice looking young man who will make a wonderful, loving addition to a lucky family.



Domestic Short Hair, Black & White, Female Spayed, 10 months old

STRAY: Roaring Lion RD, Hamilton
One is quite a one of a kind. at first she was the sassiest in the bunch… phhhh now she is the sweetest gal in the room, loves being packed around and the company of other cats.


Sneaky Kitty

DLH/Maine Coon X, Brown Tabby, Male Neutered, 2yrs

What a handsome stud! Other cats aren’t Sneaky’s favorite, but pets by human friends are very welcome. Who wouldn’t want to touch that beautiful fur coat? Sneaky Kitty has lived with a dog, likes to spend his days pouncing on grasshoppers, getting treats from his owner and of course sleeping.



Siamese, Buff & White, Female Spayed, 3yrs

Makiah will greet you by a welcoming meow. She is affectionate and will come to see you for pets. However, because of her maternal attachment to kittens, Makiah can be protective and a little grouchy with the other cats. She loves to sleep with people, and drools when she is excited.



Domestic Medium Hair, Torbi, Female Spayed, 1yrs

STRAY: Bass Creek Lane – Stevensville / Florence
Latria is lovely young lady who is quite affectionate, but does not demand attention. She spent some time with the finders family cat and dog. She has a stately elegance that suggests royalty. Wouldn’t she make a wonderful addition to your windowsill?



Domestic Short Hair, Black Tabby, Female Spayed, 7mos

Cassidy is not big into crowds, she would like a mellow home – lots of patience and time set for her.  She does not strive for the attention, in fact she will run from you but she does okay with other cats.  She isn’t mean, just scared.



DMH,  black/white,  Male neutered,  1 Yr
OWNER TURN IN: This reserved but companionable guy is looking for a quieter setting. Porky does like to be petted and has a friendly disposition towards humans and other cats. Porky does like to play-bite.



DSH,  blue grey,  Male neutered,  1 Yr
STRAY: Lee Metcalf Refuge Area – Stevensville
Vito is a striking male cat with dark grey coloring, his eyes are golden in color. Vito is not eager for attention in the room but likes the petting he does get, he tolerates the cats and would like a quiet home.



American Short Hair,  torbi,  Female spayed,  7yrs
ABANDONED: Stevensville – Buck Street
Bishi is a talker and a follower. She enjoys affection on her terms; tip: don’t touch her tail. Instead pet her face and neck. Bishi acts like she would greet you after a hard day at work and sleep curled up by your feet. A companion looking for a home.



American Short Hair,  torti,  Female spayed,  1yrs
STRAY: Hamilton Heights
Monet is very frightened and tries to hide from all the scary people who try to get too close to her. Given time and patience, she may come around and be a nice companion.