Adopt ThistlePersian X,  dilute grey torbi,  F/S,  7 yrs.  
OWNER TURN IN: This night wanderer needs a quiet home asap! Thistle needs to feel safe, and she will venture out… She will play with toys but isn’t needy, been around dogs and kids… Thistle isn’t interested in coming out of her hidey hole so come rescue her soon!


Mr. Brown

Adopt Mr. BrownAm. Short Hair,  brown tabby,  M/N,  5 yrs.  
OWNER TURN IN: We are not the home for a kitty like Mr. Brown… He needs a much quieter, much more patient home that will allow him to blossom no matter how long it takes… He sleeps most of the day and is coming out a bit more and more….. Mr. Brown is a cat that needs to feel secure and needs a companion to help him out.



Adopt MissandeiPersian X,  gray,  Female spayed,  4 Yr
STRAY: Jet Lane, Hamilton
Missandei is the socialite, great with adult cats (not too friendly with kittens), but with people she is very tolerant! Needs a good brushing with her long hair… enjoys being petted!! Uncertain about her past but her future is looking promising!



Domestic Long Hair, Torti,  Female spayed,  4 YrMercySometimes you have cats that only want to be the ONLY child, ones that enjoy petting and love – lovely lady lumps with long hair to be brushed (but only in short periods). She is sitting in our cat kennels because she doesn’t like other cats nor dogs. Please come rescue this BEAUTIFUL creature and let you be hers and hers only!



Adopt HerschelDomestic Short Hair,  Grey/White,  Male Neutered,  6 yr

OWNER TURN IN: Soft to the touch, great big green eyes, gentle disposition, doesn’t strive for attention. Herschel is searching for his new home. Prefers the indoors. Check out this affectionate guy!



Adopt SophieMaine Coon X,  Torbi,  Female Spayed,  9 yr

OWNER TURN IN:Sophie will be a hard one to adopt out; she is shy at first until she knows your routine. She does well with another feline and enjoys the indoors. The thing with her is she has been known to pee on things :(.. No idea what she is mad about, maybe it’s the type of litter, the food or maybe she doesn’t want you to leave her alone in the house. Hope someone is willing to figure Sophie out but if not she is welcome to stay here forever!