American Short Hair, Orange & White, Male Neutered, 1.5 yrs

Jensen was here as a wee little kitten, he did not do well in his last 2 homes, the first one he did not like the roommate (human) and the second one he did not like his feline roommate.  Maybe Jensen wants someone all to himself, he does like to play, hunt and stalk. He loves cat gogurts, catnip and other treats!  Got a home purrrfect for this guy? Come see Jensen.



Siamese X, Black & White, Female Spayed, 2 yrs

Oreo is very pretty and sweet. Doesn’t mind the other cats and is very alert and inquisitive. She doesn’t demand attention, but she will welcome petting.



Domestic Short Hair, Orange & White, Male Neutered, 1 yrs

STRAY: Darby

Simple is handsome, but he’s still a bit timid.  In a new forever home, he will take some time and patience to adjust, but once he’s comfortable, he will make a wonderful companion.  Simple is getting more braver all the time.



American Short Hair, Grey & White, Female Spayed, 1yrs

STRAY: Catherine Lane, Corvallis

Sage is a beautiful cat, she is very affectionate and does well with kittens.   A joyful, relaxed cat to sit on a windowsill sounds quite serene.



DMH,  black/white,  Male neutered,  1 Yr
OWNER TURN IN: This reserved but companionable guy is looking for a quieter setting. Porky does like to be petted and has a friendly disposition towards humans and other cats. Porky does like to play-bite.



American Short Hair,  torti,  Female spayed,  1yrs
STRAY: Hamilton Heights
Monet is not a cat who wants to give you attention, she prefers her own space in a quiet home. Given time and patience, she may come around and be a nice companion.  The shelter is too active for us to see her true personality.



Domestic Medium Hair,  white/black,  Male neutered,  6 yrs.
OWNER TURN IN: I am a chill guy, not into the social crowd and keeps more to introverted. Soft meow, wary of new adventures but friendly disposition! I see myself shine in a quiet atmosphere!