Adopted MontyStafford Terrier,  fawn,  M/n,  7 yrs.  
Lots of adventure stories this guy could tell, his original owners abandoned him, he was left in a vet clinic for 6 months, now he is here… A great elderly guy just looking for a person to go for car rides, hang out in the house and go for walks! Monty has soulful eyes, great disposition with people and he had befriended a cat!


Adopt BoscoShepherd X,  brown/white,  M/N,  3 Yr
Bosco has been here for about 7 months and is showing signs of kennel stress. He used to play with his buddy, Silverado, but lately has lost interest. He is losing his spirit even though we try to keep him engaged, but he simply needs a home of his own. (No cats or children please!) He rides well in a car is a good hiker but will literally lean on you for reassurance. Are you willing to open your heart and home to him?


Adopt SilveradoHeeler X,  white / tan,  Male/N,  2 Yr

Silverado is waiting for just the right person to share a home with. Just you and him…no kids, no cats…just the two of you…
Once you win his trust, he’ll adore you without question. He is extremely protective and will need someone who understands that and will provide a quiet comforting environment. Silverado was never socialized and didn’t receive the nurturing he needed to interact with the world. You will need to visit him and spend time together before he would be willing to take a chance on love…


Adopt CappyPit Bull,  Red,  Male neutered, 8 Yr

OWNER TURN IN:  This mature and gorgeous sweet boy has been hanging out in the kitchen at the BRHA for a long time. On adventures you’ll see his calm, loyal and playful side. Cappy loves car rides, hikes, playing in water/snow and sleeping next to you while watching TV. He can be protective with new people, a walk or any quality time spent outside will help him adjust. Come visit Cappy!