Adopt BelleDalmatian X,  white with black,  Female spayed,  5 yrs.
OWNER TURN IN: Belle is a radiant girl that loves people, has a playful goofy side to her and loves to sleep next to you in the bed! She loves attention, good on leash, enjoys treats and has been around dogs! Belle does require a bladder control medication (Proin)… But this does not stop her from having a wonderful outlook on life!


Adopt MabelLab,  black,  Female/Spayed, 3yrs
OWNER TURN IN: Mabel is a great dog to have around, although she does take up a lot of space in the front seat of car and leaves you with that lab hair. She is a great car passenger!! She does seem to get over stimulated with a lot of passerby’s. Quieter home but a happy energetic family would be sufficient!


Adopt WakoLab,  chocolate,  Male/N,  2 Yr
OWNER TURN IN: Wáco is our wild Indian, he will protect you, he has a strong willed mind, sometimes ignores your requests but is playful and loves to play in the water and the ball. Needs a strong minded person and able to have him focus on the owner not allow him to over run your life… Wáco tends to gravitate towards women more and deserves to live in a house.


Adopt BoscoAkita/Shepherd X,  brown/white,  M/N,  2 Yr
STRAY: Rye Creek Darby
You will see Bosco in an all-bark and lots-of-it attitude in the kennel… take him out into the yard and give him a Jolly Ball to roll around and play soccer with him! Careful grabbing the ball from him, he sometimes will grab your fingers… He knows how to shake, been around other dogs but is selective here, and not recommended with kids. Bosco is a rootin’-tootin’ loving kind of guy!


16-6108Hound X,  black/tan,  Male/N,  2 Yr
Elvis loves his voice so much he doesn’t know when to stop.. he needs lots of activity, hiking, biking, riding & go, go, go! If he escapes then just jump in the car & ask him, “Wanna go for a ride?” If you have a work-life get him socialized at dog care & cuddle him up at night! Elvis loves children but will knock them over. Elvis loves to play fetch, did well in a home but a home without cats…


Adopt SilveradoHeeler X,  white / tan,  Male/N,  1 Yr

At first, Silverado was deemed from owner that he was not friendly & quite protective. He just needs a no child home, he does great with another dog.. He is overly loving with hugs.  Silverado has lived more indoors and out, protective once he chooses his owner & is very smart & learning to play fetch & drop the ball! More learning to do but he is doing great!


Adopt ThanatosHeeler / Staffy X, black, Male/N, 2 Yr
STRAY, Nez Pierce RD, West Fork Darby
After getting through his tough look attitude he is sweet, loves giving kisses and such a leaner. Even though Thanatos’ history is unknown, the way he acts seems he wasn’t treated with decency. He has a 4-legged buddy here that likes to play, he has a sweet disposition but we do not recommend him with kids.


16-5748Shepherd,  black/brown,  Male neutered,  1 Yr
OWNER TURN IN: Poor Cody hides under his bed, but get him out into the yard and yow-zaa a dog arises! Plays ball and plays and plays… Loving affectionate dog that will need someone to be patient when introducing him to new people and giving him time to adjust.


Adopt MayannHusky X,  black/silver,  Female spayed,  2 Yr
OWNER TURN IN: Stunning looks Mayann has… Experience owner is needed with this girl. She likes to explore and wander (hiking, camping and the great outdoors). She is skittish and watches you intently but not reactive. No children, and all though lived with cats she has a strong prey drive shown here. Once accustomed she plays ball and puts her toes in the pool but wasn’t thrilled to go any further. If you are a tall man with a hat, please remove the hat. With a calm atmosphere she will be a great companion.


Adopt TroubleDescription:
Hound  Color: black/silver
Male neutered, 1 Yr
STRAY, Hamilton
Trouble was making his way through Hamilton and jumped into the yard to play with the finders dogs. Uncertain who his owners are but we have found out he is quite shy of leashes and loud noises. Did not do well in the car and will do good with doggie obedience and be less “trouble” if his energy is dispersed in a good, healthy way!


Adopt CappyPit Bull,  Red,  Male neutered,  4 Yr

OWNER TURN IN: You may have seen Cappy here and there with MTCAN & RezQ, unfortunately he is back.  He loves to go on adventures, headstrong but good at listening.

Very comfortable hanging out in the house, sleeps in the bed, but cannot be with cats.  Cappy is a sweet guy! Lately has been hanging out in the kitchen with one of the staff members little dog!