Lab/Border Collie X,  black,  Male neutered,  3 Yr
OWNER TURN IN: Pretty good on leash, couch hog, and routine? Whiskey looks to share his life in an adult home. First shy, then runs in excitement!



Husky X,  black merle,  Female spayed,  7 yrs.
OWNER TURN IN: Sierra is an independent, happy girl. She loves water and searching for varmints in the tunnel. She does well on leash and around people. Sierra is a polite girl and wants to share the bond with a human.



McNab X,  tan/white,  Female spayed,  1 Yr
OWNER TURN IN: Daisy is full of energy and very smart, she does like frisbee and herding as her type of play. Very treat motivated, if left alone will find her own way to have an adventure. Good with some dogs but assertive with cats. Does better in an adult home.



Dalmatian X,  white/black,  Male neutered,  7 yrs.
OWNER TURN IN: This dog grabs your attention and keeps it! Boo loves to give you hugs, kisses and wants to you to know he loves to play, lived with another dog and is on the search for his new family!



Shepherd X,  fawn,  Male neutered,  3 Yr
OWNER TURN IN: Jonah is a great dog! Loves car rides and loves to talk! He is a great fly catcher. He loves to be around people, in the past has been around dogs and cat and prefers older children. If you want to know more about Jonah please ask, we have loads of information.



Staffordshire Terrier,  tan/white,  Female spayed,  2 Yr
OWNER TURN IN: Kamora is a girl that enjoys having dog friends, but doesn’t want to live with them. She likes her human family. She did live with cats and was curious but not aggressive. Gentle with young kids. Kamora loves to snuggle, play ball and responds well to commands!



Staffordshire Lab X,  red,  Female spayed,  2 Yr
OWNER TURN IN: This mama was a good one! But now her days of having babies are over and she can finally be the fun, energetic girl that she is! Simone loves treats, toys and attention.



Pit Bull,  white/tan,  Female spayed,  15 yrs.  
OWNER TURN IN: What a precious baby! Diamond is geriatric and is looking for a place to call her own. She is deaf and has a few skin tags but aging very well. Inquire about this ador-a-bull girl! Diamond deserves a home cooked meal, outdoor time and nap time



Hound,  tri-color,  Male,  13 yrs.
OWNER TURN IN: Hank is a great elderly hound that is looking for THE ultimate home… Naps and lots of them! He does like to get outside and smell the roses, maybe enjoy his time with another dog and/or kid… Hank is the warm and devoted dog you are looking for.



Pointer/Sheepdog X,  Liver/white, wirehair,  Female spayed,  2 Yr  
OWNER TURN IN: Chloe is feeling a little unsure of herself here at the shelter, but we are pretty sure that the loving Chloe that the staff sees will come out for the right person. She will need to be the only animal in the home and it would be best if there are no young children.



Staffordshire Terrier,  fawn,  Male neutered,  7 yrs.
OWNER TURN IN: Monty is looking for a person to go for car rides, hang out in the house and go for walks! Rural setting of home, grains are a no-no for this guy, very food driven. He has lived with older kids, he loves to be indoors with the family. Prefers to live without other pets.. Monty has soulful eyes looking for his permanent home.

Adopt Cappy


Pit Bull,  Red,  Male neutered, 8 Yr

OWNER TURN IN:  This mature and gorgeous sweet boy has been hanging out in the kitchen at the BRHA for a long time. On adventures you’ll see his calm, loyal and playful side. Cappy loves car rides, hikes, playing in water/snow and sleeping next to you while watching TV. He can be protective with new people, a walk or any quality time spent outside will help him adjust. Come visit Cappy!