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Pitbull, White, Female/Spayed,  6 yrs

Stray: Welcome Way, Darby

At first thinking this sweet girl could not be a stray and the owner must be looking for her!  Finding out she has been a breeder and no longer was needed…  Mune is a snuggler, loves the car rides and has so much love in her.  From what we had heard, she has been around cats, other dogs and kids.  Of course we want the whole family to meet her to be sure everyone feels it is a good match!  Mune has a beautiful soul.



Shepherd X, Black / Tan, Female Spayed, 9 yrs

Perdi is a beautiful loving dog, she craves not only attention and love but treats…  She prefers male dogs over female dogs, and will chase unknown cats.  She has a sweet demeanor and will lie in the lap of her human.  She has been known to be a digger – may Perdi help you garden this upcoming spring!



Am. Bull Terrier/Boxer, Black / White, Male Neutered, 5yrs

Lobo is a strong boy with separation anxiety and has mastered escaping from crates and fences; but adores people, has lived with babies and children, comes when called, good on leash, and loves to “talk”!



Pitbull, Brown / White, Male Neutered, 3 years

An adoptable guy looking for an interactive home!  Bailey finds joy playing ball, rope and tugging on stuffed animals!  He would love it if you went outside and played football and soccer with him.  Indoors he loves to be a lapdog and may steal the covers.  Bailey is dog selective, but would be a great with a family.



On a Slumber Party!

Pitbull, Black & White, Female Spayed, 1yrs

This girl has a lot of love and play. Candy acts like she has been physically abused, more than once.  She is apprehensive with new people but has a gentle soul.  She has played with small dogs, been around horses, and has exuberant play with cats.  (don’t tell the others but she is a volunteer favorite).



On a Slumber Party!

Husky,  white,  Male neutered,  3 Yr
We are looking for someone who is active when at home, but when they aren’t at home they are hiking, biking, swimming, adventuring off and wanting a dog next to them. Be cautious with small animals.  Boomer is a high-energy guy, he plays more and works less.



Staffordshire Terrier,  fawn,  Male neutered,  8. yrs.
Monty is looking for a person to go for car rides, hang out in the house and go for walks! Rural setting of home, grains are a no-no for this guy, very food driven. He has lived with older kids, he loves to be indoors with the family. Home without other pets is preferred.  We have recently found out Monty is deaf.  Monty has soulful eyes looking for his permanent home. 

Adopt Cappy


Pit Bull,  Red,  Male neutered, 10 Yr


This mature and gorgeous sweet boy is in a Foster home.  Cappy loves car rides, hikes, playing in water/snow and sleeping next to you while watching TV.  On adventures you’ll see his calm, loyal and playful side.   He can be protective with new people, a walk or any quality time spent outside will help him adjust.


Cappy has allergies to food and environmental things – also breaks out when stressed.