Adopt BuddyBorder Collie,  black/white; M/N,  7 yrs.  
OWNER TURN IN: Buddy is a full on working breed. He has lived with kids, other dogs and cats but he would rather be out herding… Buddy is responsive, and smart. Active herder looking for guidance!


Adopt EskoCoonhound,  red/white,  F/S,  5 months  
OWNER TURN IN: There is always one of the litter that comes back, poor Esko… She loves to go ice fishing, hiking, has lived with other dogs and cats… She needs more one on one, so no children at this time. She sleeps in the bed, knows the dog door. Typical puppy, with a great nose!


Adopt GracieTerrier/Pointer,  black/silver,  F/S,  1 Yr  
OWNER TURN IN: Gracie has the attitude of a terrier… Playful and quite athletic. But her stubbornness gets the best of her and she needs obedience. Gracie would benefit from camping, hiking, and socialization. Whether it is outdoor fun or indoor enrichment games. She has lived with cats, kids and dogs. Right now it would be best to have someone do one on one training with Gracie.


Adopt OryanAm. Pit Bull Terrier,  white brindle,  Male/N,  2 Yr  
OWNER TURN IN: What a lover!! Oryan is a smart, happy guy who has a non-stop wagging tail! This guy really loves exercise, sleeping in the bed and is crate trained… does well with kids, women but is wry of men and does not get along with cats…Oryan has a smile that goes from ear to ear! Come give this guy a solid home!!


Adopt BossAm Pit Bull,  blue,  M/ N,  2 Yr  
OWNER TURN IN: I don’t think this guy has ever seen much of the light of day, trapped in a crate most of his life and now learning to play. What we have learned; no rough play, he doesn’t like giving his toys back but no worries he just needs to be spoiled with lots of toys and love… Boss is a couch hog, uncertain how he is around animals, doesn’t like loud noises and enjoys a place to run and frolic.


Adopted MontyStafford Terrier,  fawn,  M/n,  7 yrs.  
Lots of adventure stories this guy could tell, his original owners abandoned him, he was left in a vet clinic for 6 months, now he is here… A great elderly guy just looking for a person to go for car rides, hang out in the house and go for walks! Monty has soulful eyes, great disposition with people and he had befriended a cat!


Adopt BoscoAkita/Shepherd X,  brown/white,  M/N,  2 Yr
STRAY: Rye Creek Darby
You will see Bosco in an all-bark and lots-of-it attitude in the kennel… take him out into the yard and give him a Jolly Ball to roll around and play soccer with him! Careful grabbing the ball from him, he sometimes will grab your fingers… He knows how to shake, been around other dogs but is selective here, and not recommended with kids. Bosco is a rootin’-tootin’ loving kind of guy!


16-6108Hound X,  black/tan,  Male/N,  2 Yr
Elvis loves his voice so much he doesn’t know when to stop.. he needs lots of activity, hiking, biking, riding & go, go, go! If he escapes then just jump in the car & ask him, “Wanna go for a ride?” If you have a work-life get him socialized at dog care & cuddle him up at night! Elvis loves children but will knock them over. Elvis loves to play fetch, did well in a home but a home without cats…

Check out his video! HERE


Adopt SilveradoHeeler X,  white / tan,  Male/N,  1 Yr

At first, Silverado was deemed from owner that he was not friendly & quite protective. He just needs a no child home, he does great with another dog.. He is overly loving with hugs.  Silverado has lived more indoors and out, protective once he chooses his owner & is very smart & learning to play fetch & drop the ball! More learning to do but he is doing great!


Adopt CappyPit Bull,  Red,  Male neutered, 8 Yr

OWNER TURN IN:  This mature and gorgeous sweet boy has been hanging out in the kitchen at the BRHA for a long time. On adventures you’ll see his calm, loyal and playful side. Cappy loves car rides, hikes, playing in water/snow and sleeping next to you while watching TV. He can be protective with new people, a walk or any quality time spent outside will help him adjust. Come visit Cappy!