16-5783Border Collie X,  black/white,  Male neutered,  5 Mo
STRAY: Hamilton
Abel is playful and anxious on meeting a new family, and will need his feet touched often and a possible mate to play with! He recently (July 2016) tweaked his knee and is on some pain relief in hope that it isn’t more serious. He does walk well on leash and does not mind being carried. Very sweet happy pup.



16-5756Doberman X,  red/black,  Female spayed,  1 Yr
OWNER TURN IN: Sweet, submissive Abby is so interested in meeting dogs that she gets a bit overly confident and doesn’t read the other dogs body language and may be a bit exuberant. Abby enjoys water or playing ball and having you chase her for it… She just wants a place to feel safe and get all the love and attention she deserves!


16-5748Shepherd,  black/brown,  Male neutered,  1 Yr
OWNER TURN IN: Poor Cody hides under his bed, but get him out into the yard and yow-zaa a dog arises! Plays ball and plays and plays… Loving affectionate dog that will need someone to be patient when introducing him to new people and giving him time to adjust.


16-5727Chihuahua X,  brown/white,  Female spayed,  4 Yr

OWNER TURN IN: Missing teeth, and a bit of an under-bite! Loves treats but is a bit possessive. Indi loves to be loved and still has a spirit to keep flying above no matter what she experienced in life! Speaking of flying; Indi flew in by Dog is Our Co-Pilot Inc. from a shelter in Arizona and we are holding her until she has a clear bill of health!


VahnChihuahua X,  brown/white,  Male,  4 Yr

This cute little guy has an under-bite and loves bananas! Maybe Vahn is part monkey….? He does get excited over noises and likes his owner to be slow and calm. He is a very sweet dog though! Vahn flew in by Dog is Our Co-Pilot Inc. from a shelter in Arizona and we are holding him until he gets neutered and has a clear bill of health (which he looks pretty great to us so far)!


Adopt MayannHusky X,  black/silver,  Female spayed,  2 Yr
OWNER TURN IN: Stunning looks Mayann has… Experience owner is needed with this girl. She likes to explore and wander (hiking, camping and the great outdoors). She is skittish and watches you intently but not reactive. No children, and all though lived with cats she has a strong prey drive shown here. Once accustomed she plays ball and puts her toes in the pool but wasn’t thrilled to go any further. If you are a tall man with a hat, please remove the hat. With a calm atmosphere she will be a great companion.


Adopt BlueDescription:
Plott Hound X  Color: black brindle
Male neutered, 6 yrs.
Blue has a lot of years left in him! He loves quiet homes, cuddling on your lap and sleeping in the bed. He has handsome brindle markings, been around older kids but don’t have bicycles ride near him. Blue also has that hound bay and enjoys playing fetch. An easy going guy.


Adopt MaiseyDescription:
Kelpie/Bull Terrier  Color: dark chocolate
Female spayed, 3 Yr
If I know anything about Bull Terriers they sure do like to get into mischief and when they run they bounce like a deer, eager to please and always ready to play! But from the chaos they create they give you this sweet puppy like face and melt your heart and cuddle you up with kisses! Maisey received an 8 out of 10 on the Canine Good Citizen test with Wind River Tails! This girl also loves the water and is waiting for you to take her camping!


Adopt DudleyDescription:
German Shepherd X  Color: black/tan
Male neutered, 2 Yr
Do you need a strong, smart and routine like guy in your life? Dudley is your man! Although he sounds just pawrific he doesn’t know how big he really is and will trample over things, he isn’t good around livestock and until he understands the routine he may show some anxiety. Take him out, get to know him (trust us, you will just fall in love with Dudley; then go swimming and help him dig a lake dry


Adopt TroubleDescription:
Hound  Color: black/silver
Male neutered, 1 Yr
STRAY, Hamilton
Trouble was making his way through Hamilton and jumped into the yard to play with the finders dogs. Uncertain who his owners are but we have found out he is quite shy of leashes and loud noises. Did not do well in the car and will do good with doggie obedience and be less “trouble” if his energy is dispersed in a good, healthy way!


Adopt BaronDescription:

Color: red/white
Male neutered, 1 Yr
STRAY, Bowman
This hound dog needs a dog friend and a pond! He loves to dive into the water and swim around. Very playful! Seems like he was kenneled and left to his own demise though so training is encouraged with this guy!


Adopt CappyPit Bull,  Red,  Male neutered,  4 Yr

OWNER TURN IN: You may have seen Cappy here and there with MTCAN & RezQ, unfortunately he is back.  He loves to go on adventures, headstrong but good at listening.

Very comfortable hanging out in the house, sleeps in the bed, but cannot be with cats.  Cappy is a sweet guy! Lately has been hanging out in the kitchen with one of the staff members little dog!