Arthur Service Dog- Summer 2016

A huge thank you to Wind River Tails & Trails for their amazing work in finding a little girl her companion!
Arthur Success
Arthur Success
“Just wanted to let you guys know that Arthur passed his Canine Good Citizen test today! He is consistently alerting his owners to their little girl’s seizures and will be starting work towards passing his Public Access test for his service dog work This could not have been a better match! Thank you for letting us assess him”

Heaven Kitten – Summer 2016

Success HeavenJust wanted to send a message and update on baby Heaven! She is the sweetest little girl who has made our daughter so happy, she has a new best friend! They do everything together. She has bonded with our other cat (which did take a couple weeks) but they’re snuggle buddies and play constantly now. She’s never far from a lap and solicits attention as soon as you walk in the door. We joke about her dog like tendencies, including carrying around a small pink bear EVERYWHERE. We weren’t sure if a new kitty was a good idea after we lost ours in November but this baby was made for us and our daughter is sure to tell everyone that her name is Heaven because her Nubson kitty sent her from heaven just for her

♡ Thank you all SO much from the bottom of our hearts for bringing this joy and laughter back into our home. She’s perfect and we love her more than words!

Zeus – Summer 2016

Success Zues

“Here is Zeus with his new pack mate Pako. They are already having tons of fun together.
Thanks for all you did for Zeus. We feel lucky to have him as part of the family.”


Success Arthur                                                           Arthur saying GOOD MORNING MOM!!


Success Falcon/TheodoreI had to share this photo of Theodore (Falcon when he was in the shelter). We adopted him earlier this summer and things are going great! I’ve never met a sweeter cat (or better cuddler) He is such a wonderful addition to our lives and we are so appreciative of the great work your organization does! Thank you so much!

Merlin – 1st Anniversary

13260180_10103535160706630_1513229314451770974_nHappy Anniversary Merlin! You…we… have come such a long way. Last year at this time, we had already visited you twice at the Bitter Root Humane Association. You stole my heart from day one. On your fourth trip to a shelter, you came to me with two horrible ear infections and worms. Turned in for cornering your owner, I think you were just in a lot of pain that they didn’t help you with. Plus I’m a sucker for a project dog and maybe at that time in my life I needed you more than you needed me. Oh how I wish Mom could have met you.  Like any pet child you tested my patience. I thought about giving up on you. As you are true to your breed; you run away, you climb fences, you bark at nothing, but then you also dig and dig and dig. But those I can handle, your other not so charming habits were harder work with your storm, food, and fence aggression and unwillingness to participate in doggie play dates. Deep down I think you just have some major OCD as you lick your paws to point of open sores and you try to bury your food. Throughout all that you slowly warmed up to us. He wants nothing more than to lean up on us you for pets and not let you stop. He’ll curl up on the floor with you and cuddle. Now you are medicated and have a 6 month old sister, whom has been the best thing for you.  I love that you sing to sirens, that your paws have feathers that I imagine unicorns would have, that you are a love, that you and Lena have become best buds. I love to watch you finally break down to her repeated; unwavering attempts to play with you. To see her tug on your ears and you not flinch a muscle. We still have improvements to make, but look how far we’ve come.

Sari – Winter 2016

Sari Happy Pet Adoption StorySerre – now Sari is doing great! She just got a new hair cut… She looks like a true model! Thanks P and E for adopting this girl!

Ducky – Winter 2016

Ducky - pet adoptionDucky was adopted in 2013 came in for a visit!! Awww she is so sweet and very kind to all the animals!

Gregorie – Winter 2016

Gregorie - Very successful pet adoption storyTo sum up Gregorie (MAX’S) New life…. He is doing wonderful, has his new girlfriend – Annie, his Mom and Aunts! Happy New Year!