Popper the Cat

We adopted popper from the shelter in 2011. He had been previously adopted twice but was returned because he was pooping in the people’s houses. Well, no wonder. He’s a cat that prefers to be outside! Popper lives in our barn and is the best farm cat ever! He is always around especially when we are outside. This photo is of him supervising the farrier trimming our foster mule. Popper is always there making sure the job is done right! Love this guy!


Nabi (was Harley) 2018

Just wanted to send a quick update. We have had Harley (re-christened “Nabi”) almost 2 months now and she is probably one of the best dogs we have ever had. She has settled well and is a monster snuggler and bed hog (which we don’t mind in the least). She is tremendously friendly and everyone she meets just adores her. Her favourite things include going swimming at the beach, running off-leash on walks, waiting for our 2 year old to sneak her something from the table and snuggling with whomever is available.

Thank you for allowing us to bring her home. She is amazing and we couldn’t ask for more in a dog.

Please continue the good work you do!


1 Year with Paddy

One year ago we got the call to say, He’s yours! And we brought Paddy (Paddinton III) home! That’s my boy!


Kota has grown! 2017

ThenSuccess Koda









Kota came in with his parents for a visit! BOY has he grown!


Zoe 2017

Success ZoeWe have Zoe and from day one she has been a joy. She is happy and loves to please. A very smart girl – she knows her name, comes when you call her, sleeps on the bed (no floors for her) and she loves to cuddle and does well in the car. She has a loving home and we have a loving dog. Thank you.


Lily 2017

Success Lily







I adopted Lily and I wanted to send you a couple happy pictures. She really does love the snow, and we really do love her! She is settling in nicely, and we could not be happier!


Mic (was Waco) 2017

Success WacoHi, it’s Cheri from The American Chesapeake Club.
Just wanted you to know that Waco is doing great! He spent five weeks with nick. Nick Is a trainer and was great for him. He has two young children himself and on the third day took him in to his hometown let him live wit his family. Kids ages two and seven. From the beginning Waco was fantastic with them. Gentle and loving. We felt totally secure to let him be adopted! Not one aggressive move ever showed! Like true Chessies he talks.
Now Waco is name Mic. He is living in Colorado. Has a border collie as a playmate and a fox terrier to cuddle with. Mic and the border work the cattle As partners!!! Mic alerts and the border herds!
L. is thrilled with her new furrbaby and forever family member.
Thank you for your help.


Libby 2017

Success LibbyFrom roughing it for a month on her own near Lost Trail – then being rescued, to having puppies she finally gets to rest easy! 
Libby is really a good girl and she is getting comfortable in her new home!
She is happy 🙂


Keela 2017

Success KeelaKeela is getting along well with her new brother, Hobbes and the cats are fine with her. She is making herself at home, as you can see by the attached picture (she’s not supposed to be on the couch, but she just looks so cute there).


Rey 2017

Rey passed his Canine Good Citizen test today!!!!
We are so thankful to Rey! He brings so much happiness to our family and everyone he meets! Thanks Wind River Tails and Trails in Florence! Rey Success


Henrietta (was Delilah) 2017

Adopted DelilahDear Bitter Root Humane Association,
I would like to thank you for assisting me in adopting Delilah. I have renamed her Henrietta. I would not have been able to adopt her without the assistance of your organization and Adam’s Warrior Buddy.
I am happy to report that Henrietta is a happy and healthy young kitty. You can check out pictures and a video of her at a website I created for her at: www.henrietta.cat 
Once again thank you so much! I am so grateful for all you have done and I am very happy with my kitty, Henrietta!    – Mark


2017 Blue

image2Good afternoon it’s been awhile since I updated you on Mr. Blue, he’s great! We once again spent most of the summer camping, he loves being in the bush. SO MANY SMELLS, it’s great! image4








This summer I had the big galute DNA’d it came back ALL hound 75% treeing walker coonhound 12.5% American foxhound 12.5%mixed breed hounds. He has taken up a trait of all hounds and enjoys baying at anything wild with four legs and fur, when the nose goes up he knows something is around that needs investigating, he also has a little pal that comes along on our adventures but due to his short legs cannot keep up to us… Hope all is well with you, take care and thanks for your time. B. and Blue