Otis – February 2015

Greg and OtisGreg and Otis stopped by for a visit!!! You may know Otis formerly as Amerly. Adopted 3 years ago and going strong!!!



Blue – January 2015

Blue and Brian pet adoption storyJust wanted to update you ladies on Blue. Blue is adjusting really well. The only accident he’s had in the house was the first day he got here and didn’t know where the door was, he has learned to shake both paws, sit, and lay down. I have him whistle-trained and he seems to respond well to it, although I don’t let him off his leash as he is easily distracted and would take himself to explore.

We are working on walking next to a quad or side-by-side and he seems to really enjoy it. He …seemed very tentative when he first arrived, he would duck his head as if he was gonna get smacked. He has overcome that now but loud noises still startle him and he bolts away. We’re still working on his pulling on the leash, he’s gotten better (he is a hound after all). It’s still a work in progress.

Over all, Blue is a really great dog and I would like to thank you guys for taking the chance on me.

Thank you: Blue and Brian – Happy New Year to all of you there at the shelter.


Ozzie – Jaunary 2015

Ozzie with his adopted momOzzie adopted dog success storyOzzie, who was adopted from us a few years ago, came in to visit! What a great update!!


Rusty – January 2015

Rusty with Claire his forever momBRHA Volunteer Claire having fun with Rusty, a sweet shelter dog she adopted in November.


Dora – January 2015

Dora in her forever homeDora happy pet adoption storyDora was a resident of the BRHA (Bitterroot Humane Association in Hamilton) until Judy of MTCAN, took her into her home as a foster. Dora is a sweet, sensitive girl who …finally got her chance at a forever home. Judy got to visit with her in her new home with her new family. Dora is getting along just fine with Wyo the parrot, her new “brother.”

Wyo the parrot



Oscar – December 2014

Oscar the cat pet adoption successOscar the cat with his happy ownerIn 2012 this cat was adopted to a very happy boy! Two years later they are still best friends!

Go Oscar!


Tucker and Minnie – October 2014

Ticker at his forever home.AWWWW!! Updates on Tucker and Minnie! DOING AMAZING, Tucker wearing his “cool dude” coat and taking as many cuddles as possible. Minnie wagging her tail more and more and barking when she needs attention!! This is why adoption is the best way to go!


Kaley and Cappy – October 2014

Kaley and Cappy in their new homeWhat a wonderful collaboration (BRHA and MTCAN) for Kaley and Cappy. They are doing excellent in their new home, as well! Riding in the car, hanging with the kids, and relaxing is what they do best!!


Summit – October 2014

Pet adoption success familyWe were planning on giving a one-year update on Summit (formerly “Gunner”), and still will, but for now wanted to thank you for all the great work you’ve done to give Summit a great life.

We have been endlessly impressed with Summit’s ability to learn, read situations, and PLAY! Last night we took him to our friend’s house for him to play with her two dogs. After just one evening together not only did he tire out her two energetic pups, but he was walking up to our friend and not only tolerating, but enjoying her petting him.

He loves to wrestle with us in the morning, go for walks, and he’s turning into a great hiker. In just one week he’s been up Jumbo Mountain and has explored Blue Mountain. One of your dedicated volunteers called him a “goofball”, but we couldn’t see that side until we got him home. Since the first day his goofball qualities have shone bright and it has been a privilege to watch him be playful, cheerful, and trusting.

Summit has really taken to his meat-based dog food and is eating two meals consistently every day so we’re hopeful he’ll get that needed meat on his bones in good time.

I know that without your working with him he would not be as far as he is today. We look forward to sending pictures of Summit on summits of Montana’s Mountains, but before then we wanted to extend our most sincerest gratitude. Thank you.

Wishing you and your current furry residents more happy beginnings.


Liam – August 2014

Liam with new familyThis is Liam and my grand daughter Mercedes enjoying a moment together on our back deck.

Liam was one of the St. Bernard/Bernese Mountain Dog puppies from the second litter we adopted from your shelter. He has been the sweetest family dog we could have ever asked for and is enjoying life in the mountains south of Butte.

Thank you, for all you do!!


Mr. Haggard – August 2014

Happy pet adoption familyHowdy animal angels! The kids have been staying cool under the fans during the heat of the day….. Here you can see that Mr. Haggard is doing well, along with the little Shotzie dog and their new (fixed) little brother, Opie. We are still treating Haggard’s ears but everyone is doing great (including those not pictured Mr. Mann, Mr. Chang, Hunter and Gara)….


Ivy – August 2014

A year ago yesterday, I adopted a dog that one of your workers named, Ivy. She is a Blue nose –American pointer mix. I just wanted you to know that she is doing wonderfully. She has come a long ways! She is the best companion that I could …ever ask for!!!

Here is a picture of the day I brought her home (July 30, 2013). All the other pictures were taken throughout the year.

Thank you for letting her be a beautiful light in our family.