Hagen – July 2014

Hagen with her new familyWe adopted Hagen (formerly known as Lily), December 26, 2013. She was only 4 months old at the time. Hagen has been the perfect addition to our family. We welcomed home a newborn baby just two months after adopting her. She adapted very quickly to our home and the new baby. We are so thankful for our four-legged fur baby.

Obedience training is going well! When you see Hagen, ask her to shake. She will rest her paw on your hand to say hello.

We look forward to adopting another pup in the near future.


Rowdy – June 2014

Rowdy and Tyler agility trainingRowdy and TylerWe adopted Rowdy almost two years ago. He was brought into the shelter as a stray. One could only assume that he had been mistreated at some point in his life. He was scared of everyone he met. However, within a week our oldest son started taking Rowdy to dog agility classes and now the two compete in trials together. The first year they didn’t win any ribbons but they won lots of hearts. This year they have won ribbons and several more hearts.

Thanks to Tyler, Rowdy is now a confident, secure, happy and very loveable little dog that has come a long way since being adopted. I love the fact that Tyler can take Rowdy places and show people what a little boy and his shelter dog can accomplish together.


Zoe – June 2014

Zoe and BaileyZoey pet adoption happy endingZoey (aka Molly) has been with us since late March and is doing really well in her new home in Corvallis. At first Zoey was scared of everyone and everything. Now she has 5 canine brothers and sisters to learn from. They eat, play,… and sleep together. She has gained weight, learned to accept affection and is slowly becoming more trusting of Stacy and me. She tolerates Milo the cat and seemingly enjoys battling the goats. She has never turned down a meal or snack and now weighs in at a whopping 8lbs. Her “puppy bumper” gives here the freedom to explore the acre without us worrying about her slipping through the fencing.

Like her big sister Bailey, a rescue from CA, we are convinced that a year or so of patience and companionship will help her have the long and healthy life she deserves!

~Jim and Stacy C.


Roper – June 2014

Roper in forever homeRoper has fit very well into our family. He’s such a happy boy and he actually smiles. He was easily accepted by our other dogs. Jack (who was struggling with kidney issues at the time) “approved” of Roper and I am so thankful that Jack was able to meet Roper while he was still here ~ Jack passed onto the rainbow bridge four days later :(. Roper’s happiness and energy has helped us overcome our sorrow from Jack’s passing.

Initially Roper got off on the wrong door with one of our four cats(Poco), but they have come to some sort of agreement–Poco doesn’t run from him and he doesn’t chase her. The other morning Poco rubbed herself against Roper’s front legs, he stood perfectly still – as if too scared to move! One of Roper’s favorite things is to help us herd the mini donkeys and pony in for the field twice a day. He searches thru the bushes and across the swampy areas until he finds them, then barks so we know where they are…such a smart boy.

I’ve attached a picture of his new favorite place to lay šŸ™‚

Cindy W.


Gracie – June 2014

Gracie forever home pet adoptHello Wonderful People at the Bitterroot Humane Society,

I adopted Gracie from you just over a year ago. She was a 10-year-old Black Lab whom I immediately fell in love with from a posting on your Facebook Page. The day after the posting I sent my husband down to pick up the newest member of our family.

My husband is a long haul truck driver and our 15 year old Rottweiler Kline had passed away about 6 months earlier – so I was in need of some companionship and a best friend. Gracie fit the bill and has been the light of my life every day ever since.

Gracie was very timid and scared of noises and sudden movements for awhile, but she has adapted well and has become very comfortable with her home…and my bed. Because of her timid nature I am convinced that our quiet and drama-free household was perfect for her.

At the time we adopted Gracie – my mother had just completed several months worth of chemotherapy after a breast cancer diagnosis and breast removal surgery. I was her primary care giver so that winter was a difficult and depressing time. With the completion of her treatment – I had the time to focus on myself and my own healing from that experience. As much as I needed Gracie at that time – she needed me too. We became each others best friends and the joy of each others lives. I cannot express in words just how wonderful it is to go home to her every day and receive her happy greeting.

I know that adopting a dog at her age means that my time with her is limited. I shove as much love into her as possible every day to make up for all the years we have already missed out on.

Thanks you for helping me find her and thank you for everything you do.

Gracie doesn’t like to pose for pictures – but I attached one for you anyways.

Sincerely and Forever,
Emily Howard


Bear – April 2014

Bear happy ending pet adoptionBear pet adoption successMy name is Bear and my mom adopted me when I was only 8 weeks old from the shelter. I was a tiny little guy and she fell in love with me.. Well I am almost 2 years old now and boy have I grown! I am almost 200 lbs and my mom keeps telling me I am a BIG St Bernard dog, but I am sure I am a lap dog!! My mom takes me on long walks and I get to play in the river.. I love car rides, and the bed and couch .. Oh and can’t forget anything on the counter that I can reach is mine too. I like to pull stuff of the counter if my mom doesn’t let me go with her, I don’t chew it up, just set everything on the floor. Then when she comes home I smile at her because I know she can’t get mad at me when I do that!! My mom says I am the best dog ever and she loves me very much!! I am very spoiled. I love all the grandkids that come to play with me. I have a best friend that I love to run with; Oh, and I love cats! Even tho the one cat I am a bit afraid of.. For some reason he doesn’t want to play with me! I Love the snow too!! I have a wonderful home and my family loves me so much!!!!


Sapphire – I expect her to do fine.

Sapphire pet adoption storyMarch 26, 2014

Pet adoption success story

Sapphire is doing fine. We got home at 5:30 AM. I went straight to bed. I woke at ten with Mandy in bed and Saphy was in my room upstairs. She is checking everything out. She is curious…a sign of intellect. Neither Mandy or I are her blood brothers yet, but there is progress. I talk to her and pet her. I don’t crowd her. She observes Mandy and me. She is spending a lot of time upstairs by herself. But, she continues to come down and look in on us. We all took a big walk earlier into a very large hilly pasture. She pulled some at the leash and so I used her to pull my tubby butt up the hill. She enjoyed outside.
In the coming weeks and months I expect her to see me as (she is drinking from my water glass) safety, food, fun and love.

There goes the glass onto the floor…like I didn’t see that coming. She and Mandy interact well. That will grow.”

I expect her to do fine.

Best Regards,
Jon B


Molly – I’m so thankful she came into our lives.

Molly Pet adoption success storyFebruary 5, 2014

“Okay, I just wanted to say we adopted our dog Molly from the BRHA in March 2011. She is the perfect mix of playfulness and sweetness, and loves to go on hikes, as well as play fetch with her tennis ball. Molly brings joy to our family every day. I’m so thankful she came into our lives.”


Jasper – Microchips Work!

Jasper's microchip workedJasper, a purebred hunting dog, was lost or stolen from his home in the Polson area, and after months of searching his distraught owner had given up hope. Five months later a stray black lab turned up at the BRHA. Following standard procedures the dog was scanned for a microchip, and BINGO – he had one. The BRHA was able to get a serial number from the chip, and after one quick phone call they had the name and phone number of the owner.

One would think that another quick phone call would end this story, but there was a slight delay. When Jasper’s owner was informed that his dog had been found, he was so excited that he forgot who had called him and went to the Polson Animal Shelter to collect his dog. No luck there, so he went home to try to figure out who had his dog. The BRHA staff followed up a couple days later and this time all the information stuck. Within hours a very excited Jasper and owner were reunited.

This story has a happy ending because of pet identification. Jasper would probably not have made his way home without his microchip. IDENTIFY YOUR PETS. The BRHA can help.


Molly – She found a great home!

Molly and her brotherMolly jumping for joyJudy:

Here is Molly jumping for joy and with her new brother. She found a great home!!! Please pass on to Pat. Talk to you soon.



Riley, Hobbs, and Darwin

Three Dog NightHappy Holidays

This picture was taken on a three-dog night. The grey haired one I didn’t get from the shelter, but the red head Riley we adopted in ’97, Hobbs the white one and Darwin, the little one were adopted in Aug. of ’05.

Best Wishes, Patti


Little Darling – Thank you ever so much.

Little Darling poodleLittle Darling pet adoptionPictures for you.

I just wanted you to see how well he adopted us. Thank you ever so much. He will bring much joy to us, especially mom who will be 90 in Oct. He has taken over the house and my sister’s poodle now gets second place next to mom. He is a darling.