Jake – August 7, 2007

Jake another pet adoption successJessica and Char,

I am being a good boy – I love playing fetch in my yard and swimming in the river. I have a new bed and toys and a brother and sister. I have started jogging in the morning which helps me stay calmer for the day. The little fuzzy things won’t playwith me yet but I guess maybe I should approach them a little slower.

More later,


Newman – He is always so happy.

Newman happy pet adoptionTo: Bitteroot Humane Society

We just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to adopt Newman on July 10th. He is a great dog – still jumping, but we are working on it. He is always so happy.

Thank you again.
Mike and Kathy


Libby – I want to thank all of you.

Libby pet adoption storyHi to everyone at the Hamilton Animal Shelter

I hope you remember me. My name is Liberty (Libby). I was adopted 2 years ago Memorial Day. I am very happy. I get to travel all over the country with my Dad and Mom. You see, my Mom is a singer. I used to chase deer, but my Dad worked with me and now all I do is look at them. I want to thank all of you who took good care of me until I was adopted. I am very loved and cared for. I am told I couldn’t be a better girl.

Again, thank you for believing in me.
Libby Lanier


Lakota – December 2007

Lakota successful pet adoption storyHi…it’s Lakota…

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve written, I’ve been a very busy girl! I’m still doing Agility, and I’ve been to one of the Seniors home. It was realy warm in the building, but I did my best to keep from panting too much. The residents there are really nice and I got lots of attention.

I now hold 19 Agility titles, and my brother Max has one, but he doesn’t do as much as I do. He’s a big guy and doesn’t like to get up on the A frame or dog walk. We’re done until next April, mom doesn’t like to travel in the winter.

We went to the cabin over the 4th of July. It was so hot in the mountains! We did a 6 mile hike into the wilderness. That was nice and cool. We did lots of swimming too. The creek water was really cold! We had a pack rat come in the cabin. Mom thought he was cute! The gal that went with us wasn’t sure about the little guy, but he made a mad dash for the door and we never saw him again. Our friends that we go to Agility trials with are the ones who came to the cabin, and Callie ant I played and chased squirrels. Callie is my best friend. She’s a Border Collie.

We went to Idaho the first part of Nov. to see grandma and grandpa and to attend our last Agility trial for the year. I like going there. I got to get up on the new sofa! Max has his favorite place on the living room floor in front of the TV. It’s so relaxing there, but grandma did get sick and wasn’t well for a few days. They bought mom a new day bed, a bit small, but mom and I manage to sleep quite well on it. Max hadto sleep on the floor on his bed, but he didn’t mind too much. He’s too big for the day bed. I chased the neighbor’s cat up the telephone pole for a couple of days and then the cat never came back. Grandma said, “job well done, Lakota”.

Dad is going to retire from truck driving this year, so we’ll get to spend more time with him. Mom says she’s not real sure about this retire thing.

I hope the toys are enjoyed by my friends. I won them at Agility trials, but I don’t play with them. I’ve never really cared for squeaky toys, but I do love a Frisbee.

All for now. Your friend,


Rascal – I really still thank you.

Rascal pet adoption follow upHi!

Just an update of my life that you gave me. This is Rascal, Hurricane Charlie survivor. I hope you remember me. I’m the orange dog from that group.

The picture is of me sitting on my Aunt Lisa’s lap down by my creek. I love that creek in the summer! There is no better place to jump into and cool off when I’ve played really hard.

My Mom and I walk 2 miles almost every day and I love to catch mice out in the field, and when I catch them I use them for a squeeky toy! Really freaks out my Mom, but it’s sooo much fun!

I’ve lived here 2 years now and Mom, Dad and I really still thank you.

Rascal (Rasky) Anderson


Shelby – She is a BIG, happy puppy dog!

Shelby - A big happy puppy dog.It’s been a year since we adopted Shelby (f.k.a. Sassafras)!

She is a BIG, happy puppy dog who still loves to play with all dogs. She is a sweet excitable “puppy” who we can’t imagine life without!



Lolo – My new house is perfect.

LoloTo all my friends,

I just wanted to check in and let everyone know how well things are going with me and my new family. The day I was adopted we all headed strait to Arizona, for what turned in to a twenty four hour car ride. It was tight, but it made for great bonding time. Plus, I caught up on some much needed rest. My new house is perfect. It has lots of space and a nice yard to play in. I have a best friend who lives here with me, and we hang out all day long. His name is Darby. I guess they named him after the town so they got the bright idea to rename me Lolo. It’s cool, my middle name is still Megan. I had a check up and everything is fine. Getting plenty of exercise and I’m on a great diet. I miss you all and wanted to thank you for your hospitality. You took great care of me and my new family is impressed with my obedience training. I’m a good girl! If we are ever back in Montana we will definantly stop by. Keep up the good work.

Love, Lolo (Megan)


Rose – I have landed myself in my forever dream home!


My shelter name was Scooter, but my new name is Rose.

Thank you to all of the nice people at the animal shelter for taking such good care of me and saving me for my new wonderful life.

I have landed myself in my forever dream home! My new Dad, Russ, takes me hiking and to all sorts of places inside the truck. I can tell how much he loves me by all the special attention and food I get; plus all the pictures he and his family take of me make me feel like a canine movie star. Playing in the snow with Russ and my new canine buddy from next door is one of my favorite things about living here (Russ is my very favorite thing). Here I am enjoying my first day with my Dad.