Rey – July 2015

Rey - Dog adoption success follow up storyI wanted to drop you a line as to how Rey is doing. He is learning his basic commands quickly. I attribute this to Char and your staff working with him while he was with you.He will continue his basic commands until we feel he is ready to move on to the 2nd level of his training. Meeting and greeting other animals politely, interacting with children of all ages, learning to ignore distractions in his environment.

Rey2Our hope is, we can train him to the point where he can pass his PAT (public access test) so that he can eventually become the ambassador for Adam’s Warrior Buddy. He will master all the levels of training that a PTSD service dog is required to. He will educate the public, demonstrate what PTSD dogs are trained for and he will visit hospitals. We believe in working with him over the last 4 days, that he shows great promise. He has been off lead, followed commands and has learned how to play fetch (with returning the ball) all while ignoring distractions around him.

Rey - happy dogWe are excited about our future with Rey, not only as an ambassador but a cherished member of our family. Thank you to you and your staff for your high standards and caring about every animal in your facility.

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