Rooby the Pyrbash

***Rooby must be moved from her longtime foster home by the end of October, either to another foster home or hopefully to a permanent home***

**Things Rooby knows according to her foster dad: Down, Sit, Stay, and Shake for sure. Also, “No” or “quit it” if you want her to stop doing something, and “easy” when she plays too rough. Also, knows “this way” and “leave it”.Courtesy Rooby

‘Come”, or “let’s go”. She knows what they mean for sure. Whether she obeys these commands or not depends on whether she would rather do something else, like play with the neighbors dogs.

She’s very smart, and knows many other words. With the proper training, could probably learn to do anything.**

Our Rooby has been with her foster dad for several months and has made great progress in her development, he even took her into a PetsMart recently – which shows phenomenal improvement.
Courtesy RoobyHe also reports that she adores an 80 year old neighbor who isn’t around full time, but when he is around Rooby wants his attention. She also loves the neighbors on the other side of his home and is absolutely smitten with the two German Shepherd dogs across his back fence and plays with them through the fence (wire field type fence) …. and since they recently got a yellow lab pup, Rooby is over the moon – she waits for the pup to play, even dug (imagine a Pyrbash digging) under the fence to the point that the little guy could squeeze under and come play with her. Rooby is also really listening to him when he gives her commands. It is apparent that she is maturing in a very positive manner now and is ready for a new permanent home.
Rooby will require more attention and training but she has a great foundation and learns quickly. She loves to be with her person either at home or on long walks or hikes.

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