Roper – June 2014

Roper in forever homeRoper has fit very well into our family. He’s such a happy boy and he actually smiles. He was easily accepted by our other dogs. Jack (who was struggling with kidney issues at the time) “approved” of Roper and I am so thankful that Jack was able to meet Roper while he was still here ~ Jack passed onto the rainbow bridge four days later :(. Roper’s happiness and energy has helped us overcome our sorrow from Jack’s passing.

Initially Roper got off on the wrong door with one of our four cats(Poco), but they have come to some sort of agreement–Poco doesn’t run from him and he doesn’t chase her. The other morning Poco rubbed herself against Roper’s front legs, he stood perfectly still – as if too scared to move! One of Roper’s favorite things is to help us herd the mini donkeys and pony in for the field twice a day. He searches thru the bushes and across the swampy areas until he finds them, then barks so we know where they are…such a smart boy.

I’ve attached a picture of his new favorite place to lay 🙂

Cindy W.

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