Sapphire – I expect her to do fine.

Sapphire pet adoption storyMarch 26, 2014

Pet adoption success story

Sapphire is doing fine. We got home at 5:30 AM. I went straight to bed. I woke at ten with Mandy in bed and Saphy was in my room upstairs. She is checking everything out. She is curious…a sign of intellect. Neither Mandy or I are her blood brothers yet, but there is progress. I talk to her and pet her. I don’t crowd her. She observes Mandy and me. She is spending a lot of time upstairs by herself. But, she continues to come down and look in on us. We all took a big walk earlier into a very large hilly pasture. She pulled some at the leash and so I used her to pull my tubby butt up the hill. She enjoyed outside.
In the coming weeks and months I expect her to see me as (she is drinking from my water glass) safety, food, fun and love.

There goes the glass onto the floor…like I didn’t see that coming. She and Mandy interact well. That will grow.”

I expect her to do fine.

Best Regards,
Jon B

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