Senior for a Senior Program

Senior cats for seniors.For any of us who have adopted a Senior animal, we know the special gift they give. “They know stuff.” It’s like they know they have gotten a second chance and they love you all the more for it. They know what they want and THEY WANT A HOME!

These special animals may have never known a good home or they know exactly what they are missing and want to finish their lives with you! There is no equal to the adoration that can come your way when you experience a senior pet.

For the senior members of our community, adoption fees are waived if you adopt a senior pet.

The old lab who was literally “tossed from a car” and left found his forever home with a senior who is a volunteer grandfather in elementary school classes. Becker, the 10+ yr. old terrier cross loves his new home so much, he searches every room of the house making sure he knows where his owner is… he is determined not to be left ever again. The neglected elder border collie thinks she is a puppy again as she races around her new owner’s ranch and knows she will never again get left outside in the cold… now she sleeps by the bed, toasty warm.