Snacks/Max – Summer 2015

Max - successful pet adoption storyThe first night he whined in the middle of the night – just to go potty – and hasn’t done that since.

We haven’t had any problems with digging and although he likes to jump, he has yet to be on a child and is getting better every day. He understands “no jump,” and “no bite,” when playing and has also perfected… “sit,” “down,” “stay,” and “crate,” with verbal and visual signals and will respond to either.

Despite his high energy as an 8-9 month old, we have found ways to wear him out. Recently, my family was in town and we spent two days hiking and letting him run around with the other dogs, and two days doing social things (often involving other dogs) and walks. The day following that I had to physically remove him from his crate, our sidewalk, and my car because he was too tired. We have now started to refer to it as Snacks being “hungover.”

He’s been doing well on and off-leash and is particularly content when both Max and I get to walk him together (usually our varied schedules allow for a late morning and early evening walk each day).

He pulls on leash, but only when he’s determined to use that nose of his, which is frequently. He and the cat are still figuring each other out but have started to regularly touch noses which makes my heart nearly burst each time. Right now, Snacks is happily playing with his toys inside after going out in the rain once this morning; turns out he’s not water dog… Yet.

We couldn’t have asked for a better family member, adventure pup, and snuggle buddy. Thank you for taking such good care of him and bringing him into our family!

Max-3-960 Max-2-960

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