Zoe – June 2014

Zoe and BaileyZoey pet adoption happy endingZoey (aka Molly) has been with us since late March and is doing really well in her new home in Corvallis. At first Zoey was scared of everyone and everything. Now she has 5 canine brothers and sisters to learn from. They eat, play,… and sleep together. She has gained weight, learned to accept affection and is slowly becoming more trusting of Stacy and me. She tolerates Milo the cat and seemingly enjoys battling the goats. She has never turned down a meal or snack and now weighs in at a whopping 8lbs. Her “puppy bumper” gives here the freedom to explore the acre without us worrying about her slipping through the fencing.

Like her big sister Bailey, a rescue from CA, we are convinced that a year or so of patience and companionship will help her have the long and healthy life she deserves!

~Jim and Stacy C.

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