How Can I Help?

Your Support Is Life Saving!


Become a Member

If you or your business are interested in our purpose and mission and desire to support our programs and services, become a member! Our membership year is January 1st through December 31st, but new & renewed memberships are welcome all year long; A three month grace period will be applied to dues received after October 1st of the year and will carry membership through the end of December the following year. Membership dues will not be applied in advance for more than one year past the current calendar year. By paying your annual membership dues you are entitled to one vote at our Annual Membership meeting, usually held in March of each year and you’ll receive our quarterly newsletter, keeping you up to date on all the current organization happenings!

Membership Type & Dues

  • Individual – $25
  • Senior Citizen (65+) – $15
  • Business – $30


Become a Volunteer

Volunteers are a very integral part of the Bitter Root Humane Association and are involved in virtually all aspects of the BRHA from serving on the board of directors, to maintenance & grounds keeping to interacting with the animals on many levels. Some of the volunteer opportunities include:

  • Grounds & Building Maintenance, including Janitorial
  • Kitchen & Laundry Duty
  • Dog Walking & Socializing
  • Cat Socializing
  • Humane Education Outreach Presentations
  • Adoption Off-site Events
  • Senior Outreach at area retirement, nursing & senior care facilities
  • Foster Care
  • Special Fundraising Events
  • Serving on the Board of Directors

Some of our volunteer opportunities require a set schedule and some are more flexible, working around the time a volunteer has to give. If you’re interested in finding out how you can help please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at (406) 363-5311 or email:

Off-Site Socialization

Be An Adventure Day Volunteer

Have you ever gone on a solo hike and wished you had a dog with you? Ever gone to the river with your kids and visualized a dog splashing in the water with them? Ever thought it would be nice to take a dog to work? “Adventure Day” is a program that aims to do just that!

Shelter dogs need excursions and off-site socialization to be well-rounded, happy and thus more adoptable and we are depending on our community to help us do just that.  Spend the day exploring the mountains, splashing around our rivers, hiking all the wonderful Montana trails or taking a dog to work; we can pick the perfect dog for your activity and send them with you for a day of exploring and exercise. Don’t have a whole day to spend…how about a couple hours of leisurely walking the neighborhoods? Dogs come with leash, food, poop bags, and unparalleled eager excitement.   Be thanked with huge smiles from the BRHA staff and grateful sloppy kisses & wagging tails from your day’s companion. No appointment necessary! Come in to meet our dogs, fill out the application and be on your way to a great fun filled “Adventure Day!”  

Display Your Loyalty

Purchase a BRHA
License Plate

In 2012 our beautiful Montana license plate was designed and is one of our very important ongoing fundraisers! Since 2013 the sale of our plate has brought in $36,840! By purchasing a BRHA license plate you are not only donating much needed funds to the shelter but you are helping to spread the word that we exist!


Hold a Fundraiser for BRHA

Our Fundraising Committee is busy all year long planning and holding fundraisers to raise money for our every day operating budget and special projects, but we can’t do it alone.  This is where you would come in…do you have an idea for a fundraiser you’d like to hold for BRHA? We call this a “third-party” fundraiser…individuals, businesses or other organizations are encouraged to plan, hold and donate the funds raised to BRHA. Maybe it’s a birthday party, wedding, life celebration or an event…your imagination is your only limit to ideas!  To help ensure that Third-party fundraisers are a success we ask that you coordinate with the BRHA Fundraising Committee by completing our Third Party Event Proposal Form and submitting it at the shelter or email to: Mary Gehl at; the committee will review and contact you to discuss the details and how, if possible we can help make your event a success!

Sponsor a Worthy Cause

Sponsorships for BRHA

  • Our community businesses are a big part of our success, without their support we could not do what we do! How can your business help BRHA?
    Sponsor an event! The BRHA Fundraising Committee is planning events & promotions all year long and it’s sponsorship monetary donations that make our events possible. 
  • Hold an onsite event at your business! Your business is unique and your customers would love to attend an event at your location to help a great cause like BRHA. What type of an event is limited only by your imagination and we’re here to help you along the way.
    If you would like more information on any of the above sponsorships, please contact Mary Gehl at (406) 642-3785 or email to
  • Pre-pay an adoption fee for a specific BRHA guest. There are many adopters who would be great pet parents, but just can’t afford the adoption fee…your adoption fee sponsorship not only helps a human adopt a pet but saves the life of a wonderful pet too! For information on this type of sponsorship, please contact the BRHA Operations Manager at (406) 363-5311.
  • Pictures get our guests adopted…it’s a proven fact! Both of our local papers, the Ravalli Republic and the Bitterroot Star offer great advertising opportunities for businesses that sponsor an adoption ad; call them directly for pricing information.

Helping Pet Owners in Need

Community Pet Food Bank
and Everyday Wish List

Our Community Pet Food Bank provides much needed food and animal care items for our community members that are in need of just a little assistance in order to keep their pets and keep them healthy. Donations of dry and canned dog & cat food along with animal care items are always needed.

Our shelter everyday wish list includes all the items we use daily to provide the best care possible to our furry guests.



Do you have a special person or pet you would like to honor, memorialize, celebrate a special occasion with or pay tribute to? BRHA offers you that opportunity with a Remembrance Donation. BRHA will send your heart-warming gift acknowledgement directly to your special someone…what better gift is there for an animal lover? Simply send your donation along with a note of what type of Remembrance you are celebrating and the name and mailing address you want the acknowledgement to go to. Please send to: BRHA, PO BOX 57, Hamilton, MT 59840.

Every Dollar Matters

Cash Monetary Donations

BRHA must raise $300,000.00+ per year to cover the operating costs of the shelter. We receive no ongoing taxpayer funding and we depend on the generosity of our community to keep our doors open. Cash monetary donations help:
Pay the utility bills (electric, gas, propane, water, sewer, telephone and internet.
Maintain the boiler, air conditioner and ventilation systems & facility repairs.
Purchase veterinary services (routine & emergency), vaccines, micro-chips and food for the shelter animals.
Pay for professional payroll and yearly accounting services.
Purchase training and grooming supplies for our animal guests.

Here’s an easy cost free way to help online at ““, year round, and every dollar you spend earns BRHA cash donations from Amazon at no extra cost to you!

Your Final Wishes

Bequests and Estate Planning

Want to make sure that your final wishes are done? Include BRHA in your estate planning. Your attorney can guide you in developing a method for your charitable intentions or we can assist you in contacting a specialized advisor who would help you ensure your vision is carried out. Including BRHA in your estate planning will help provide a future for the Bitter Root Humane Association and the animals it cares for long into the future. A planned gift would give you a sense of accomplishment and pride today, and give hope to the animals of tomorrow that come through our doors needing safety, love and care.