How we can help you & the community

Community Pet Pantry

Everyone needs a little help now and then, and the BRHA Community Pet Pantry is here to help our community members that need a bit of assistance in order to keep their pets and keep them healthy.  The BRHA Community Pet Pantry is located in our lobby. Here you will find pet food, and from time to time, pet supplies are also available. We sincerely thank all our community members for their continuing donations that make this service possible. 

Pet Health & Safety Services

For information on the services below, please call the shelter at (406) 363-5311. Some services may require an appointment.

  • Spay and Neuter – BRHA strives to reduce the overpopulation of unwanted pets in our community and encourages everyone to spay or neuter their pets. Not only will you save the lives of many unwanted animals but research shows that pets which are “fixed” tend to lead healthier, longer lives.  Through grants and special programs, BRHA may be able to assist you towards the cost of these surgeries with our participating vets; please call us at (406) 363-5311 to see what spay/neuter assistance is currently available.
  • Micro-chipping – The best way to help ensure that your precious pet finds its way home when lost is with a micro-chip. Once inserted, almost all vets, shelters and rescues have the equipment to scan for micro-chips to help lost pets find their owners! BRHA is happy to help you find peace of mind and will micro-chip your pet for $45.00. Currently, due to COVID restrictions, please call (406) 363-5311 for an appointment
  • ID Tags – Even if your pet is micro-chipped, we suggest all pets have an ID Tag on their collar too.  We have a great selection in all colors & shapes for $12-14 each, that can be personalized anytime during business hours. Having your pet’s name and your current phone number on the tag can help law enforcement or finders contact you more quickly when vets or the shelter are not open. 
  • Lost and Found – The Bitter Root Humane Association oversees the Bitter Root Animal Lost and Found Facebook page as a service to the community to assist in reuniting lost pets with their owners. Post lost and found animals as soon as possible and also call the shelter with the information. 
  • Dog Licensing for the City of Hamilton

Animal Care and Safety Presentations

The Bitter Root Humane Association (BRHA) has a humane education team that visits classrooms, preschools, libraries and clubs in Ravalli County to provide information about responsible animal care and safety. We focus on similarities between humans and animals, and how care and compassion help guide responsible pet care.  We typically work with children from ages 4-14 but we can customize our program to fit any age group.  Our presentations are about 30 minutes and include plenty of time for questions.  If desired, we also discuss how to be safe around dogs and how to avoid dog bites.  We keep topics very simple and use photos and stuffed animals to make things clear and understandable.

Would you like BRHA to visit you? For more information or to schedule a presentation please contact us at: or call our Volunteer Coordinator at (406) 363-5311.

The Pet Crematorium

“In our gardens repose the remains of those that possess beauty without vanity,  strength without insolence, courage without ferocity, and the virtues of man  without his vices; our pets.”
 - Lord Byron

Losing your pet can be a difficult experience for you and your family. To many, the loss is not only of a pet, but of a very close friend and member of the family. The Pet Crematorium at Bitter Root Humane Association will treat your pet with dignity, honor and the respect that a faithful companion deserves. Bitter Root Humane cremation service considers it our great honor to share in the final act of respect for your pet.

Cremation Services

Service Hours

Please call


The Pet Crematorium at Bitter Root Humane Association
262 Fairgrounds Rd

Hamilton, MT 59840

Private Cremation With Keepsake Ashes in Urn

  • 1-40 lbs. $80
  • 41-99 lbs. $90
  • 100-140 lbs $100
  • 141+ lbs. $110

Communal Cremation Without Ash Return

  • 1-40 lbs. $40
  • 41-99 lbs. $60
  • 100-140 lbs $75
  • 141+ lbs. $95